AAS/CEAL/NCC 2015 Chicago(まとめ)

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・2015 AAS Conference Schedule for CEAL and Related Meetings

・3/23 8:30-15:00
 Workshop on RDA (Committee on Technical Processing)

 Joseph Regenstein Library Tour
 Joe and Rika Mansueto Library / the East Asian Collection.

・3/24 19:10-22:00
 CJM/NCC Joint Meeting (Committee on Japanese Materials)
  Part One: E-resopurces reviews and discussion
  Part Two: Mini Presentations (NIJL, NDL)
  Part Three: Off-kai

・3/25 10:00-
 CEAL Plenary program
 "Beyond the Local (East Asian) Collection: Re-thinking Boundaries in the 21st Century Library"

 - Keynote Address "Beyond “Asian” Borders: Re-thinking Boundaries in the 21st Century Library" / Anne Kenney (Cornell University)
 - Panel I. Beyond the East Asian Collection: Partnerships
  "Diplomatic Relations: Area Studies and Academic Research Libraries"
  "New (and Old) Paradigms of Cooperation in International and Area Studies Librarianship"
  "Working in Partnership: Discussion and Further Thoughts"
 - Panel II. East Asian Studies Librarians in Collaboration
  "Linked Open Data (LOD) for Libraries"("Why Must We Change? : Strategies For Libraries" / Diane Hillmann、eastlibのメーリングリストにハンドアウトのリンクあり)
  "Dirty Old Books Help to Forge New Relationships: Models for Faculty-Librarian Collaboration"(Ann Sherif, Professor of Japanese, Oberlin College)(※要後追い)
  "WORD LAB: An Experimental Space for Research Collaboration in Penn Libraries"(Molly Des Jardin, Japanese Studies Librarian, University of Pennsylvania)
  "Reaching out to the Campus and Beyond: a Collaborative Effort into the Korean Folk Painting Events"
  "Collaboration in Bridging East Asian Teaching, Learning, Research and Resource Collection: A Title VI Project at UCLA"

・3/25 19:00-20:00
 Small Collections Roundtable
 lightning talk

・3/25 20:00-22:00
 CEAL Membership Reception

 CEAL Committee Sessions

 - 9:10-10:00
  North American Coordinating Committee on Japanese Library Resources
  Part 1. "NCC program and activity updates"
  Part 2. "In depth guide to NDL (National Diet Library) online resources"
 - 10:05-11:05
  Committee on Japanese Materials [CJM]
  "Digital Humanities in Japanese Studies"
 - 14:00-15:00
  Committee on Technical Processing [CTP]
  Theme: Linked Open Data (LOD) for Libraries in Practice
  "BIBFRAME Testing at the University of Washington: experiences in general and CJK scripts"
  "The Web of Data is Our Oyster"
  "PCC Strategic Directions and Actions, 2015-2017"
 - 15:05-16:05
  Committee on Public Services [CPS]
  "Connect, Collaborate, Create, and Communicate: The Role of Public Services in the Context of East Asian Studies Librarianship"
  "New and Changing Roles for Academic Libraries: Expanding Collaboration Opportunities When Serving Undergraduate Students in Arizona"
  "Building Bridges: Vernacular Language Videos and Library Outreach to International Students"
  "Maximizing Library Impact through Librarian Faculty Collaboration: Developing an Undergraduate Core Liberal Education Course"
  "Building Japanese Extensive Reading Programs and Collections"

・3/26 12:30-17:00
 Early Modern Japan Network Annual Meeting
  Panel I: China Viewed Through Tokugawa Eyes
  Panel II: Pre-Meiji Modernity – Kinsei Japan in Transition
  Panel III: Online Resources of the National Diet Library: An In-depth Guide Focused on Pre-Modern Materials

・3/29 8:00-10:00
 Shashi Interest Group
 "The Business of Interwar: Japanese Companies and the Construction of Transnational Markets"